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We’re back from Staff Development & Training and ready to train hard this week! Can’t wait to see everyone on the mat.

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Habit of Self-Belief

August 28th, 2014
Belief is the knowledge that we can do something. It’s an inner feeling that we can accomplish the things we desire to do…and decide to achieve. One of the truly great things about the goal of Black Belt is that it re-...

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    As an older (not old!) student, I tend to believe that I am more physically vulnerable than younger, more athletic students. But I am learning that the practice of Jiu-Jitsu is less about strength and size than skill …

    The practice of Jiu-Jitsu has allowed me to develop more confidence in situations in which I might feel vulnerable. I am significantly stronger as the regular classes help to keep me fit.
    — Joanne S.