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I have been a student at Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for four years. Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an academy that is made for the student willing to learn. There are hundreds of students that currently practice at the dojo. There are individuals that come from all different walks of life. There is no fitness standard that must be achieved. All that is asked of its students is that they attend each class with the focus and dedication to improve. The Professor and instructors ensure that there is a stable environment for growth. The Professor makes it his duty to know every student personally. A student never feels that he/she cannot be helped. A student that has just begun training can seek the help of more senior students. A senior student will rarely turn down the opportunity to advise a beginner when he/she is in need of help. The sense of community is second to none. I must mention that this is not an academy with a competition team. This is no way lessens the quality of the academy. Almost every class is taught by a world class Renzo Gracie/John Danaher black belt. He is the soul of the academy. His charisma, intelligence, and love for the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, are extremely contagious.

El Greco

I can already say that BBJJ has saved my life. At law school, I slump over a computer as my eyes blur and my back hurts, drinking coffee and eating junk to stay alert. At BBJJ, I stretch, sweat, and keep my body toned, limber, and ready for tomorrow. After class, my mind clear, I take time to cook a nutritious dinner and reflect on my day. Without BBJJ, I’d probably be in disastrous physical shape. BBJJ has proven to be the ultimate preventative medicine, physically, but also psychologically.

Cody Carlson

The staff at BBJJ has made it very easy and made me feel very comfortable during my training. It has given me a positive attitude about exercise. I look forward to my training everyday and I almost feel lost if I cannot come to class.

Scott Hunter

Training at both 13th Avenue under Professor Glick and at Myrtle Avenue under Professor Lynch has profoundly affected my life. My entry into training in 2009 at 13th avenue was the beginning of my return to a life of physicality and active living. At that time I had slowly slipped into a life of smoking, drinking, sleeping poorly, working too much, etc. I essentially had no extra-curricular activities. Much of what I did with my time was what I would call self-destructive. We slowly fall into habits and before we know it we are neck-deep in an unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle. Coming to class and seeing peers of my age performing at levels that I knew I was capable of but not currently able to produce was a slap in the face. Never one to back down from a challenge I immediately began curtailing my drinking and smoking and poor-sleeping. This began to rekindle my love for the basics of physicality such as pushups, jumping jacks – basic drills that we performed as kids but had fallen by the wayside. This then led me to begin reading and learning about strength-training; I began working with kettle-bells. I then found Crossfit which was a further development of what I call adult-play. Crossfit led me to classic barbell movements such as backsquats, deadlifts, presses, etc. All of this eventually led me back to BBJJ, so that I might more effectively use my now-healthy body and mind. The man I am today is entirely due to my walking through the doors of 13th avenue and 412 Myrtle Ave. It’s never too late; live strong; love your body.

Ben Wiley

BBJJ is different from other martial arts schools, from the phenomenal instructors, to the way they care for each of their students, to the professors amazing talent and eye for technique, BBJJ has everything you could hope for.  The Student Creed recited after every class is a constant reminder and guideline to keep the focus on the mat.  Those guidelines are truly what the school is about.

Charles Wu

I have seen great changes in my physique since beginning at BBJJ. I have lost inches in my waist, my clothes fit better and I looked more toned than I ever have. I am extremely proud of these changes and they are a great motivation to work even harder to accomplish my ideal body. I feel stronger and more energized and by being able to see the physical results of all the hard work we do in class, I feel motivated to continue my self-improvement. And although I have never had any major body issues, I can’t help but feel more confident knowing that my body CAN change, if I want it to.  A healthy me is the best kind of me.

Sara G.

As wonderful as Jiu-Jitsu is, you must still be exposed to it in the right way. You will never get the full benefits of BJJ, or any martial art for that matter, if you learn it in the wrong environment. For that, I would like to thank Professor Glick and Shihan Dunn. They have provided the ideal atmosphere for learning and growth.


I would recommend someone to Brooklyn Brazilin Jujitsu because it is a family environment. The staff and students are sincere and helpful. They are quick to help you in your training or advise if you are having difficulties. If there are reasons you cannot train or have a busy schedule they will work with you so they can help you around you schedule to train more and stay consistent. If you happen to miss a week they will call to check on you to make sure you are okay. Jujitsu is not the only thing staff concerns themselves with when it comes to the students but they also want to know how you are outside of BBJJ, like at work, in school, family life etc. Brooklyn Brazilian Jujitsu if a very homey and warm environment and you will feel comfortable every time you come to train.

Katrel Ortiz

Aside from learning Jiu Jitsu, I would recommend BBJJ to anyone who’s having trouble dealing with any aspect of their lives.  Whether it’s health, substance abuse, jobs, or relationships – doesn’t matter.   It’s apparent that training in a martial art can help you cope, since it’s a scientific fact that strenuous exercise causes endorphins to be released in your brain, which directly elevations your mood.  However, based on my experience, it’s my belief that in order to truly succeed at something, you have to want it yourself.  It was very important for me to make myself better, and that’s why I joined.  The only regret I have about my decision to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that I didn’t make it earlier – I could’ve been a black belt by now.


For the first two weeks my friend came with me to class and we trained together. We made plans based on our schedules when we would go and train. But, it didn’t work out my friend just started graduate school and couldn’t make the classes. So, I was a bit nervous now going to training alone. I kept going because it seemed fun to me. I would learn new moves in class, get in shape and it seemed better than lifting weights which I was doing prior. I went back to school after a couple weeks of training and got an opportunity for a second job, so I took it. With school and a second job their wasn’t much time for training in my schedule.  What ever little time I had I used it to go train, whether it was one day that week or more. It took me a little longer to progress but, it didn’t stop me from going. Just by going even at least once I week I felt I benefit from it.  This past school year was my best in all my years of college;  made the dean list both semesters. I feel the training contributed to that. I would always remember either Prof. Glick’s  or Mr. Mendonis’s words they say during the student creed. I would remember them and even right them down at times. On days I didn’t want to go to school after working, thinking it would be easier to go home and sleep instead of writing papers. I would just remember working out or even looking at some of the quotes I saved to refocuses. Training at BBJJ has made me more confident and mellow in life.

Mark B.

World class instruction under Renzo Gracie/John Danaher black belt… a very clean environment, very courteous and professional staff. Also near trains and buses.


Since I began training with BBJJ the physical attributes of my increased strength, agility, and stamina, do not compare to the re-concentrated sense of determination, discipline, and persistence that it invoked in me. These renewed emotions helped me during times when my brain, and not my muscle, was the only thing that would help me rebuild and redeem myself.   Since then, I have continued to serve as an example of redemption to those who have fallen and which to stand proud again.  I met a tempest of blustery weather throughout my life and my kite continues to soar.  I would recommend Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to anyone looking for help in traversing life’s mountains.  The confidence, determination, disciplines, and persistence that has come from my training has helped my kite continue to defy gravity and soar even higher.  I look forward to a long successful career in all my endeavors thanks to BBJJ, and with my re-sharpened tools, I will always regain the mount in a life challenge.  See you on the mat.

L.C. Witter

There are so many reasons I would recommend this school to someone but what stands out for me is the quality of the instruction.  The thorough technical knowledge of BJJ concepts, plus the total dedication towards their students. I think this school would be great for any body that’s in search of direction and pursuing their goals.

Roshane Archer

 Since training at Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, there has been a distinct improvement in my strength, stamina, and flexibility. I also notice some of the basic moves are feeling more instinctual; becoming more fluid and reflexive. As I get older, nearing 39, I need to choose my physical activities more carefully. BJJ may appear to the uniformed to be a violent art that puts tremendous stress on the body. However, one of the great things about BJJ is that it can be adapted to almost anyone while remaining applicable to sport and self-defense. BJJ will also ensure that while you can work within your limits, it will constantly demand that you expand those limits. Being lazy and simple going through the motions is not an option in BJJ, especially at Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

David Baker

Powerful thoughts can evolve when given time to think them.  A perfect example comes from a change that occurred very early in my training at BBJJ.  (It requires some brutal honesty, so be forewarned).  During the basic training program, I was energized by every aspect of BBJJ with one exception: saying the student creed.  I would fall in file at the end of class and mouth the words, however, my internal dialogue was singing a different tune, “Student creed? Seriously, I mean seriously?! These guys can’t be for real.  It’s cute when the kids say it, but this is just silly.  I’ve got a dog to walk, laundry to do, and a paper to write.” Some days it would really bother me.  I would be itching to change out of my gi, get home, and have a cold beer (or three).  If I were a smoker, I’d likely have needed one.  That attitude changed one day while wrapping up the lesson with the girls in the locker room.  My friend, Dionisia, whom is still one of my favorite training partners (yeay, she’s back!), walked into the changing room and proclaimed, “I just love saying the student creed!  It’s my favorite thing to just stand there at the end of class with you guys and say something positive together.  What a great way to end a day!”  Food for thought.

I had never viewed the student creed from that angle before, and was left wondering what could be wrong with me that materialized as an issue with saying something positive with my fellow training partners.  By the end of the walk home I had resolved to say the student creed as I do now, with a sincere enthusiasm….and I no longer chase practice with a Bud 22oz.  A cup of tea does me just nicely, thank you very much.

Now, half a year’s time has passed and the benefits of regular training have made themselves known.  Immediately obvious are some of the physical benefits.  For instance, push-ups have developed upper body muscles that just didn’t exist 7 or 8 months ago.  The body encompassing cross-training that jiu jitsu has provided for a smooth and injury free marathon season last fall, and I was able to bounce back to class the following Monday.  Additionally, the discipline of my practice has reinforced attention to a good diet and regular sleep patterns, and I am a healthier person for it.

Bonnie C.

Our two sons, ages 9 and 7, started Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a few months ago and we have all been very happy with the program.  The boys are excited to go to class every week and look forward to it.  Everyone at BBJJ makes an effort to give your child the attention they need in the group classes.  They are very approachable and provide plenty of encouragement to the kids while creating an atmosphere of universal respect among parents, kids, and instructors.

We love the discipline it has given our boys.  They stand straighter and taller.  They enthusiastically show us the exercises they are learning and are so proud of all they have accomplished so far.   We love that it is a martial arts form built on respect, discipline and self defense, not aggression.  We cannot wait for our daughter to join when she gets older.

Marcie and Brian Bohan

My friend introduced me to Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu through the VIP program.  From the beginning I liked the discipline and protocol that is required of all students.

Although I was in good physical condition prior to attending BBJJ, my training has improved exponentially my cardio-vascular and strength conditioning. I can attest to that when I go to my neighborhood gym, my bench press has improved and I can jog longer distances than a year ago. The most important part is the “core strength” that one develops from Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, which is important because all of our movements are powered by our torso, and having a strong core helps us keep stable and balanced.

My life has changed dramatically since I first joined BBJJ. I get compliments all the time from friends about my attitude and physical improvements. My whole attitude has been much more positive and training for Jiu-Jitsu has been a major part of it.

One of my biggest learning experiences has been to look at those days when you just don’t feel like doing anything and just forcing myself to hit the dojo, when I do that, I get the biggest satisfaction from the training. They usually turn out to be the best experiences. We all have those days when we don’t want to work out, or get depressed, or have personal problems, my panacea for that is the dojo.

Eddie Bustamante



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    To me, BBJJ has meant the difference between simply existing and taking an active part in living it. It has changed me both mentally and physically.

    In about three months, I’ve lost over 20 pounds. But I think how it has helped me grow as a person is the far greater accomplishment.

    I hope to be part of the BBJJ family for a lifetime, and will work hard to help others, as others have helped me.
    — Carlos T.